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These past few years have proven to be a musical odyssey for me taking me to the roots of bluegrass and the heart of American folk music.  I have come to the honest conclusion that I am not one musical thing but many.  The past couple of years have returned me to the roots of my musical journey and now have me incorporating those roots of folk, country, blues and rock into my current musical path.   While still playing with a group of tried and true bluegrass pickers, I am also joining forces with some seasoned players who enjoy a wider scope of musical expression.  Together we are melding a heart and true acoustic sound to covers written by a wide selection of great songwriters along with my own compositions.   I am currently working on a recording project with these concepts and visions in view and bringing in to share in this project some of the finest musicians the northwest has to offer up.

Shows today are Thea Wescott solo and/or Thea Wescott and friends.  I hope we have the chance to meet soon.  In the meantime, I still have copies of Cromwell and Other Roads and copies of Timberland Chapel should be available soon. 

Get your copy of Cromwell ... and other roads today!

Thea donates 10% of all proceeds of the sale of her CD to thoroughbred horse and animal rescue organizations. See links below.


About the NEW ALBUM

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Instead of playing track #9, I decided to play the entire project, & I am happy that I did. This was a thoroughly entertaining project. The songs were great subjects & the lyrics were thought provoking, Ms. Wescott's voice generated a lot of fervor & enthusiasm as she sang each song. I found myself mesmerized listening to this project. Her back up band is "the best in bluegrass". I will be playing this project in its entiretry, & I know my listeners will feel the same way I do. GREAT DEBUT!!!

Thank you for sharing your fine project with us.


Al Shusterman
KCBL/Backroads Bluegrass
Sacramento, CA

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I just recieved the Cd by Thea Wescott. Thank you so much for the recording .

I have not listened to the entire CD yet but I am quite sure I will be playing cuts from it next week on the Picks N Bows Radio Show. It is great to hear such solid playing on new material and I am always looking for good new female vocalists to air.

Mike Gorrell
Picks N Bows Bluegrass Radio Show
Wooster, OH

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"Played the 1st day! The names in the band said it's great, then hearing her made it even better!"

Henry Fulcher
Farmville, VA

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"Thea Wescott sings with a voice that is pure and deep as the Northwestern mountains she calls home. With 'Cromwell...and Other Roads" she takes us through a journey of vision and discovery. Thea has amassed an impressive line-up of musicians for this project including such legends as Rob Ickes, Bryan Sutton, Ron Block, Scott Vestals and harmony vocals by Dale Ann Bradley and Steve Gulley. Producer Bruce Watkins delivers a first rate showcase for this fresh talent."

Thanks again.

Carol Beaugard
Host of 'Lonesome Pine RFD'
89.1, WFDU-FM (NYC) and WAMU's 'Bluegrass Country'